Maritime Security Symposium

On 4 October 2017, the NATO Shipping Centre organised the NATO’s Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) Maritime Security Symposium in its Northwood Headquarters. Representatives from the Shipping idustry were invited to share information and ideas about Maritime Security in an open forum. NATO MARCOM was supported by representatives from EUNAFOR’s, Sophia and Atalanta Operations, US Navy Sixth Fleet, Spanish Navy and Italian Coast Guard. Representatives came from the major global shipping organisations, including the round table, IMO, insurances clubs, mayor companies and Company Security Officer (CSO). Four topics were addressed and all of them focused on two priorities: knowing the threat and studying mitigation measures.

These topics were:

  • cyber threats and cyber defence for shipping.
  • illegal migration in the Central Mediterranean.
  • terrorism and Smuggling activities in the Mediterranean.   
  • piracy as a global threat and best management practices (BMP).

Military and civilian experts on these topics provided presentations to spark conversation in small group discussion.All participants were able to contribute and participate actively in all the topics addressed. Main comments brought forward by the participants were focussing on the necessity of exchanging information between the stakeholders, improving the training for crews and masters and to increasing the cooperation between the military and the shipping industry with regard to maritime security. The NATO Shipping Centre is in the margins of the meeting developing a Roadmap listing the key takeaways in the form of identified maritime security threats and actions to counter them. This Roadmap will and will serve as a guideline as to how MARCOM plans future Maritime Security Operations. The anticipated progress and updates to Roadmap will be the main agenda item on an intended follow-up Seminar in 2018.



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