Global Maritime Risk

The NSC, as NATO’s permanent merchant shipping information fusion centre, is tasked to provide guidance and act as an advisor to merchant shipping on potential risks.
Piracy and armed robbery at sea is one of the foremost threats facing the international shipping community today, be it off Somalia, in the Western Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Guinea, the South China Sea or elsewhere.  While acknowledging the actions of governments, the United Nations and the International Maritime Organisation, the shipping industry has recognised that more needs to be done to support seafarers and their families. Nearly 5,000 seafarers have been hijacked in recent years and detained for months in frequently appalling conditions, while thousands of others have been the victims of a pirate attack. Every day of the year more than one hundred thousand seafarers experience anxiety while sailing in or towards piracy-infested waters while their families share these worries, frequently with a feeling of helplessness. (MPHRP)

Over the past years the focus has been directed to piracy in Somali waters.  At the same time as we see the piracy decreasing in these waters, we see status quo or even an increase in other parts of the world.
Based upon information from major reporting centres (regional and global), NSC aims to monitor the maritime security situation on a global basis.  Furthermore NATO Shipping Centre will support and welcome initiatives for a commonly agreed reporting scheme world wide.


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