Gulf of Aden Situation Update

Apr 24, 2017

As reported by multiple entities, armed attacks against merchant vessel s in the Gulf of Aden occurred on 8 and 15 April.

In the 8 April incident, the vessel was boarded and hijacked with the crew in the citadel. Control of the vessel was regained by the crew shortly thereafter with military assistance. The 15 April attack was thwarted after the attacking vessel and the target vessel’s armed security tem exchanged fire.

This thread should be viewed in conjunction with those related to the ongoing crisis in Yemen. Vessels transiting through the region are strongly advised to adhere to BMP4 guidance to mitigate the threat of armed attack.

NATO Shipping Centre will continue to provide updates regarding the situation in this area based on the assessment of regional military stakeholders in the Indian Ocean (MSCHOA, CMF, UKMTO). Concerned parties are also recommended to monitor near-real-time reporting from these organisations.


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