Possible Maritime Threat - Yemeni Waters

Mar 13, 2017
The following maritime threat has been reported. On March 10th, 2017 a Yemeni Coast Guard vessel may have hit a mine in Yemeni Territorial Waters in the vicinity of the port Al Mukha. Mariners transiting the area are advised to increase their vigilance, remain as far from Yemeni coast as practicable, including using the western traffic separation scheme in the northern Bab el Mandeb Strait and transit the strait during daylight hours.
Additionally, NATO recommended self-protective measures concerning mine threats to shipping can be found in the NATO publication "ATP-02.1 NAVAL COOPERATION AND GUIDANCE FOR SHIPPING (NCAGS) - GUIDE TO OWNERS, OPERATORS, MASTERS AND OFFICERS" in Annex E to Chapter 4 - The Mine Threat. This document can be found in Media Centre => Downloads section at this website.

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