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Northwood, UK- International merchant shipping exercise Dynamic Master 21 concluded after two weeks of a demanding scenario-based training. From November 22 to December 3, the NATO Shipping Centre (NSC) based at the Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) hosted Dynamic Master, a Naval Cooperation and Guidance for Shipping (NCAGS) and Allied Worldwide Navigational Information System (AWNIS) computer based exercise.

The NATO Shipping Centre is NATO's hub with the merchant shipping and industry. During a crisis, the NSC would lead the coordinating activities with merchant shipping.


During the two weeks, full time and reserve personnel from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, and United Kingdom practiced NCAGS and AWNIS procedures devoted to how best to coordinate merchant shipping transiting through an area during a crisis period. In support of the NATO Shipping Centre, Deployed NCAGS Elements (DNE) in the ports of Piraeus, Cartagena and Toulon have participated in the exercise.


Dynamic Master 21 exercised a variety of different scenarios that required the NSC to take appropriate action to minimize risks to the merchant shipping during a crisis scenario. This could include recommendations on self-protection measures, routing advice, or recommendations to the military commander to implement a group transit scheme or other protective measures.

Deployed NCAGS Elements would be used by NATO, during a crisis, to brief and debrief merchant shipping that transit into certain endangered areas. They would be located in suitable ports to provide the face-to-face briefings. The NSC would also be providing briefings to the maritime industry in London as well as communicating with major shipping companies and their ships.

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